This Southwest Georgia student is off to big things.

Kenyari Sawyer did what most high school students do in their final year — she began applying for college.

The 17-year-old went above and beyond applying to almost 100 colleges and universities, which paid off. Kenyari Sawyer has already been admitted to 48 of the 92 schools since beginning her applications in August 2021, according to FOX 31.

“I started applying on Aug. 1. The first two colleges I applied to were Cleveland and Mississippi, and I did not think I was going to get accepted into those. Then I was like, ‘This is how it goes? This is an easy process,’ and I just started going from there,” Kenyari Sawyer said, FOX 31 reports.

Sawyer Has Acquired $600K In Scholarships

Sawyer has even more to celebrate. On top of her recent admissions, she has received over $600,000 in scholarships. Some of her awards include Mary Baldwin University ($88,000), Notre Dame of Maryland ($80,000), Arizona State University ($62,000), and Dillard University ($40,000).

While Sawyer’s accomplishment is impressive, the application process cannot only be tedious but costly. Fortunately for Sawyer, this was not her reality as she was able to acquire various waivers to support her numerous application fees.

“So you can either receive a fee waiver from the school, or you can use the common app or coalition app which waives the application fee based on financial needs,” Sawyer said, according to FOX 31.

Plans To Attend Top Five School of Choice

Sawyer currently holds a 4.0-grade point average at Monroe High School and is also a dual enrollment student at Albany State University, the outlet reports. Soon, Sawyer aspires to attend one of her top five schools and pursue an education in criminal justice to become a lawyer.

“I want to start my own law firm, become a defense attorney, and go up the ranks from there,” said Sawyer.