As a user experience designer for Gap Inc., Kimberly Ezeama’s work focuses on reducing the likelihood of online shoppers wanting to speak to the manager. She designs cart and checkout experiences and profile and account pages for customers across the four Gap Inc. brands — Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Banana Republic.

Simply put: “I try to make the website(s) easy to use and to shop on,” she says.

A recent example of her work was helping launch Gap Inc.’s integrated loyalty program. The team redesigned the part of the checkout process where customers select their shipping speed. The improvements significantly reduced the number of customers who leave the checkout without making a purchase.

Ezeama is new to the retail tech field and Gap Inc., having been with the company for just a year after transitioning from a job in health care. “It’s been an exciting experience because I’ve been learning so many new things. My team is super, super supportive.”

The role has allowed her to tap into more of her interests. ”After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I kind of discovered user experience design after learning a little bit more about the tech scene. And it kind of combined both of the things that I liked — the design aspect, solving problems [and] helping people.”

Learning what UX was all about prompted Ezeama to put herself in the way of opportunity, and doing so paid off. “I went to this design mentor night in San Francisco and met somebody who actually worked at Gap. And when the time [came], this mentor had enough faith in me to put my name in the hat for an open position.”

Besides designing experiences to help customers shop with ease, Ezeama is proud to work for a company where she can see herself in the apparel she helps people buy.

“Gap Inc. has been all about just being inclusive,” she says. “You see this in their marketing campaigns. You see this on their website, how they show different models, and I think that they know that the future is going to become more diverse.” 

“Thinking back to my early days of when I was shopping, especially with my mom, I didn’t see a lot of people like me in these marketing messages. But now I do, and Gap Inc. is leading it.”

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