It’s one thing to have your education paid for, but what about walking away from college without any debt?

Graduating Debt-Free

According to CNBC Make It, Gabriella Carter managed to receive more than $2 million in scholarships allowing her to graduate from Princeton University without any money owed.

What’s more, she leveraged social media by using her expertise as someone who has saved thousands of dollars for retirement, while in school, and that quickly became another source of income.

Turning Her Passion Into A Paycheck

“I didn’t even know people were really making money like that from posting online until I was approached with an opportunity from a major retailer, and they paid me $2,500 to share about a scholarship opportunity that they had,” Carter told CNBC Make It. “Once that happened, I was like, ‘OK, I see the value in the information that I’m offering.’”

For Carter, being financially independent is something that has been instilled in her from the beginning.

“One thing I really used to do a lot with my dad was watch ‘The Suze Orman Show,’” she also told the outlet. “Even though I didn’t necessarily know all the financial terms, it made me really privy to debt and how it can impact your life and the different ways that you could use money to invest and increase your quality of life.”

The Art Of The Side Hustle

Her business, Growing With Gabby, has become a resource hub for students as Carter partners with brands that advertise scholarship opportunities. Additionally, the site offers individual coaching sessions to help people develop and jumpstart their careers.

Thanks to digital products, private consultations, and brand deals, Carter managed to make $177,000 in 2022, CNBC Make It reports. This year, her goal is make $300,000.

When she isn’t getting her side hustle on, Carter’s 9 to 5 involves working as a marketing analyst in finance.