Rapper G Herbo continues to show love and give back to the city that raised him.

In 2018, the Chicago-native purchased the building of his former school, Overton Elementary School, according to an Instagram post. Then, in 2013, Trading-U reports the elementary school was shut down, as part of a wave of public school closings. Thankfully, Herbo joined a project that helped turn it into a youth center, also serving as a music incubator and media lab for the kids.

As he’s no stranger to helping his community, Herbo has even launched “Swervin’ Through Stress: Tools to Help Black Youth Navigate Mental Wellness.” His aim is to provide therapeutic resources for young adults who have experienced trauma and to raise public awareness about mental health issues.

This past Saturday (Sept. 19), Herbo joined fellow Chicago rappers Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper to do a peace walk with the kids along with a back-to-school drive. They gave away free shoes along with school supplies. Attendees were also able to receive free COVID-19 testing and also had the opportunity to register to vote.