Every month is Black History Month here at AfroTech, but another media platform is adopting the same attitude, giving a special spotlight to showcase the rich and multi-faceted culture that is Blackness.

In good faith of expanding upon Black History Month, cable channel Freeform is taking the time to give Black culture the platform it deserves with its new original series titled “Black People Like…”

The digital series lives on the media platform’s YouTube channel and challenges racial stereotypes about Blackness and Black culture.

Each week, the series releases an episode on different topics including music, food, wellness, and current events. “Black People Like…” features an entire crew of actors, comedians, writers, and influencers alike including Ira Madison III, Hayley Marie Norman, Moni Oyedepo, Ify Nwadiwe, Chanelle Graham, and Willie Macc. On the show, they explore what being Black means to them and challenge the world’s assumptions on Black culture while expressing all the “non-black” things they enjoy as well.

Freeform provided more context on the new digital series in a statement via Bossip:

“In this roundtable series, we go over all the unique, fun, dynamic, interesting things that black people like with the twist that… *drum roll*… every kind of person likes it too. This series is about bringing people together. Through the sharing of personal stories in an open dialogue, we explore topics not commonly associated with black culture. We spend so much time in society talking about why we are different and not enough focus is spent on what connects us. This show is about the fact that all people find enjoyment in life and we want the world to know that black people are no different in that way. It’s inspiring, educational, and funny.”

Watch the latest episode below: