Self-driving pods are the future.

 JéGO Technologies, Inc. will set a new standard for contactless delivery and travel services. Founder Frederick Akpoghene is the creative mind behind the autonomous vehicle service which proves to be more timely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The health crisis has forced the population to depend more heavily on contactless delivery services, changing the landscape of e-commerce delivery for the better.

Akpoghene could be behind the next wave of technologies set to improve the world as we know it once JéGO pods officially hit the market. As for right now, the founder has his eyes set on the healthcare industry first and the technology will deliver COVID testing, flu testing, and IV therapy from local businesses to the hands of their customers.

Courtesy of JéGO

The self-driving pods are currently being built and the pilot product is projected to make its debut in Miami, FL during the third or fourth quarter of 2022. 

“What we are building here is an ecosystem that’s powered by electromobility. It is cleaner, sustainable infrastructure that allows businesses to have access to an alternative option from brick and mortar because they can use these driverless vehicles,” Akpoghene told AfroTech.

Pilot JéGO Pod To Debut In Miami, FL

More recently, JéGO Technologies, Inc. has been preparing to launch its electric vehicle charging stations. Learning from its competitors, JéGO plans to stay ahead of a current hole within the infrastructure that’s failing many electric car owners at charging stations throughout the nation. Many are reporting long wait times due to the number of vehicles outnumbering charging stations. JéGO plans to deploy 1,000 charging stations globally to alleviate these concerns.

JéGO will also service electric bikes and delivery bots from other companies. In addition, it will welcome users to the station for leisure and entertainment while their vehicles are charging.

The only contingency to access the pods’ services will be to become a member through its application. Once this is complete, users can filter through businesses, products, and services based on their needs. The application will help members locate the nearest charging stations or help them secure a vendor to arrive at a specific time and place.

 “I believe there’s more traffic on the go versus static in one location as we saw in the pandemic. Businesses that couldn’t get to their customers closed and that’s the world we live in today,” Akpoghene told AfroTech. “Customers are primed for convenience and that’s why Amazon and every other company that we use like DoorDash are thriving because you are satisfying the end for convenience whether through a product or service. That’s what we’re doing with JéGO, connecting businesses to customers on the go using electromobility solutions and autonomous vehicles.” 

JéGO  Plans To Raise $1.5M To Support Its Launch

 As JéGO prepares to launch its footprint this year, the company has already undergone a crowdfunding campaign. The company has raised $300,000 from both Angel Investors and the StartEngine campaign. Akpoghene hopes the company will secure $1.5 million to build the company.