Knowledge is power! Founders Tamara Shiloh and Carol Santiago are behind the first Black-owned bookstore on the Historic Westside in Las Vegas, NV, per KSNV-3.

Multicultural Bookstore

The Multicultural Bookstore caters to young children and adults and offers selections that represent various cultures including African American, Native American, Latino, Asian, South Asian, Filipino, and Middle Eastern, the company website mentions.

Additionally, the store’s books explore themes such as social justice, STEM, Black history, and graphic novels, among others.

Empowering Children

During an interview with KSNV-3, Shiloh also notes a unique characteristic of how they operate their bookstore to ensure children feel seen when they enter the store.

“There is no comparison. Our bookstore, we want it to be a safe space for people to come, sit down and enjoy the books,” Shiloh told KSNV-3. “What sets us apart is most of our books are face forward so that when children see themselves, they realize that there are books that are written about them as well.”

This marks the second bookstore for Shiloh, joining her existing location in Richmond, CA. The mission is to reach readers not only locally but across the globe.

“Through our website we will be able to reach, not only local readers, but we also reach readers around the world. Folks who love books as much as they do. You’ve found an incredible bookstore! Now go and find an amazing book!,” a statement on the company website reads.

With the new Vegas location, which was established alongside her business partner Santiago, the two plan to host activities for readers that include story time, author book signings, and workshops, KSNV-3 mentions.