Founder Gym, an online accelerator for underrepresented tech founders, announced the launch of their newest cohorts this week specifically designed to serve Black entrepreneurs. The training program plans to begin experimenting with affinity-based cohorts, starting by addressing the needs of Black Founders.

“We are starting with Black founders for two reasons: the need is there (less than 2% of VC-backed founders are Black), and the demand is high (62% of Founder Gym graduates to-date identify as Black),” said Mandela SH Dixon, founder, and CEO of Founder Gym.

The online program announced the launch of their 5th and 6th Cohorts, which aim to help underrepresented and specifically Black founders raise venture capital. With the addition of their affinity-based model, diverse tech startup entrepreneurs will have more options in deciding which cohort is right for them.

“Irrespective of which cohorts founders participate in, they will all be together as members of the larger FG community, engaging with some of the most promising up-and-coming underrepresented founders in the world, and fostering relationships that help further their success,” Dixon said.

The online program officially launched their six-week training earlier this year and have since served 170 underrepresented founders who have raised over $20 million.

Applications are due November 25.