Dr. Myron Rolle has been appointed to Abiomed’s Board of Directors, reports BusinessWire.

He will make up the eight active directors on the company board as a member of the Governance and Nominating Committee and the Regulatory and Compliance Committee.

Not only is Dr. Rolle a neurosurgeon and Rhodes scholar, but as a former professional football player in the NFL, he published the Rolle Scoring System —  a public health rating scale used to determine a developing country’s governance around helmet safety to prevent traumatic brain injury.

“As someone practicing medicine today, Dr. Rolle understands the role of medical technology in improving outcomes for patients,” said President and Chief Executive Officer of Abiomed, Michael R. Minogue in a press statement. “Dr. Rolle’s experience as a Rhodes scholar, professional athlete, and physician will bring a unique perspective to our board. His non-profit leadership in addressing health inequities will help advance Abiomed’s initiative to partner with hospitals in inner cities to reduce health disparities.”

Dr. Rolle is also the chairman of the Myron L. Rolle Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing health, wellness, and education services to underserved populations in the Bahamas and the United States.

A man of many feats, Dr. Rolle is responsible for founding, the CARICOM Neurosurgicial Initiative — a capacity-building and health system-strengthening project for improved neurosurgical care in the Caribbean.

“I am excited to join the Abiomed Board of Directors and contribute to the company’s long-term growth and success,” said Dr. Rolle in a press statement. “Abiomed is a company I truly believe in. Its patients first mission aligns with my professional and personal desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. I look forward to working with Abiomed management and my fellow directors to be a valuable contributor to the board, to further improve outcomes for patients, and to help provide access to Abiomed’s life-saving technology to more people.”