Gentry Humphrey wants young professionals to not have to choose between style and business casual attire in their workplaces.

The former Nike and Jordan Brand executive has created his own brand, Code, according to Footwear News. 

The company’s mission is to give those between the ages of 23 through 38 in urban cities casual sneaker options that still fit work attire. In other words, the consumers will have the ability to have comfort while still looking sharp.

“It took a 32-year career for me to really understand the impact that I had on sneaker culture and street culture, and to realize the next steps and what I could do to make a big difference,” Humphrey said, who retired from Jordan Brand in 2021. “In the next phase for me, it’s about how I give back to young creatives that have that same mindset that I had — and have. How do I pay it forward so they don’t have to learn things the hard way? Creating this brand allows me to do that.”

In June 2023, Humphrey will officially launch Code, which will feature three silhouettes in various material executions, the outlet details. The shoes are named “All Day,” “Executive,” and “Entrepreneur.”

Similar to how Humphrey helped athletes tell their stories through sneaker designs, he aims to create opportunities for creatives.

That said, Code is partnering with Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles, CA, to support aspiring footwear designers.

“I could potentially create a product offering and allow that person to collaborate with us, tell their story, sell their story and give them the same royalties that an athlete would get,” he said. ”I can also help show them the ropes, that it is not only good enough to have great design, but you’ve got to have the business acumen that is attached to that.”

Code’s shoes are set to be available for purchase via the company’s website.