Former Detroit Lions Rob Sims and Calvin Johnson have leveled up their moves in the cannabis space. Def Pen reports the duo has opened a flagship dispensary in Michigan for their cannabis company Primitiv.

What Customers Can Expect

Customers can look forward to a variety of cannabis offerings from Primitiv and other Michigan-based cannabis products.

For those located outside of the region, Primitiv will offer additional products exclusively on its website including branded hoodies, hats, t-shirts, rolling papers, and lighters.

“This is a project of passion that we have been cultivating for the past several years and we couldn’t be more excited to see it become a reality,” Sims said, according to Def Pen. “We’ve made Michigan our home and have been blessed by the support we have received from our community and feel this is a great way to further plant roots and give back to the communities that have embraced us.”

Flagship Dispensary Furthers Primitiv's Mission

Primitiv’s new dispensary honors the company’s mission to advocate for cannabis in the sports industry and for everyday use.

As former athletes, Sims and Johnson understand the physical demands of playing sports and were often exposed to opioid painkillers as a form of treatment. Now the pair have embraced a holistic approach to managing pain and their new flagship location will further their cause to advocate for the plant-based drug.

“We’ve seen so many of our brothers from around the league turn to other forms of pain relief just to get through the game, day or season,” Calvin Johnson added, according to Def Pen. “We believe in the holistic properties of cannabis as an all-natural, plant-based option not just for athletes but for anyone looking for physical or mental relief. We’ve just scratched the surface in our innovation process and are looking forward to more news to share later this year.”