Floyd “Money” Mayweather says he’s getting to the bag.

The decorated boxer is gearing up to face Mikuru Asakura at his exhibition fight at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan on Sept. 25.


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Mayweather has revealed he should earn anywhere between $15 to $20 million from the exhibition, per the Daily Mail. This would mean he would rake in millions of dollars every 60 seconds. For reference, the fight is just nine minutes.

“From this exhibition alone I will making somewhere upwards of $15-20million. That’s just from this exhibition. So, it’s cool. Nine minutes, 20 million, not bad,” Mayweather said, according to Daily Mail.

For Mayweather, exhibition fights are more for entertainment and give him and his fans a chance to relive those glorious feelings from his boxing days.

“I wasn’t able to do a real fight in Japan but they love when I do exhibitions. They love for me to come over and perform. It gives them a little bit of a chance to see the old Mayweather. It’s a great feeling. I make great money from these exhibitions. But like I told you, I am not taking any abuse,” said Mayweather, The Daily Mail reports.

Will Mayweather get back to the ring one day? Only time will tell. He reveals he won’t get back into the professional ring for just anyone as he understands the importance of “working smarter not harder.”

“They give me different names and I am just like ‘yo, lets make it happen,’” Mayweather said, according to The Daily Mail. “I’m not going to fight just anyone though because I am not going to put myself in a position where it is rough and tough.It’s about working smarter, not harder and I am getting smarter in life. I had a great career because the less you get hit the longer you last. As long as I am not taking any punches I am going to keep doing exhibitions and have fun.”