Floyd Mayweather is always where the money resides.

The boxing elite recently gave a fan $100,000. The lucky winner was able to tap into the opportunity through a giveaway hosted by Mayweather. To qualify, users had to like, retweet, tag five friends in the comment section, and join the Mayweverse Discord. The opportunity drew in over 75,000 discord members in a week, TMZ reports. The winner was chosen at random and ultimately the cash prize went to Instagram user f.ali04.

“When you are associated with Floyd and his businesses anything can happen on any given day that will change your life,” James McNair, President of The Money Team said, according to TMZ.

Floyd Mayweather told the winner via Instagram, sharing the exciting news via a direct message. Instagram user f.ali04 responded to the inquiry by writing: “This will change my life.”

Mayweather Set To Drop NFTs Soon

For those who did not hit the jackpot, more cash prizes will reportedly be on the way in conjunction with the official drop of Mayweather’s non-fungible token (NFT) project. According to the official discord channel (you’ll have to join to access the info), only 5,000 Mayweverse NFTs will be up for grabs and there will be five types. What’s more, five holders should expect to receive cash prizes between $5,000 to $30,000.

Photo Credit: Screenshot taken via Discord

The official mint price and drop date have not yet been disclosed. However, what we do know, is the collection can be found on the Ethereum Network and there may be a chance to join Mayweather in the metaverse through an exclusive pass for occasions and events.

“NFT is the future and we are already at the top of the NFT world in terms of design and product. We plan on being in this business long-term. We believe in the NFT community and all that it has to offer,” McNair said, according to TMZ.