As the saints (and Flo Rida) say, “God is good, in Jesus’ name.”

Tramar Dillard, more commonly known as Flo Rida, celebrated a significant victory after a court ruling.

Celsius allegedly did not uphold their contract: As AfroTech previously told you, the rapper filed a lawsuit in 2021 against energy drink company Celsius. Flo Rida was seeking $30,000 in damages because the company failed to uphold a 2014 contract. According to his legal team, Flo Rida should have received compensation in the form of stock options or a bonus.

“It was specifically contemplated that as Celsius profited in the future, additional compensation would be paid by Celsius in the form of shares of company stock and ongoing royalties,” the lawsuit stated, according to Insider.

Allegedly, neither form of compensation was given, despite the company achieving its sales goals in 2014 and 2016.

Flo Rida’s legal team claims he was never informed when company sales increased and Celsius never disclosed financial records that could provide clarity on his earnings.

“In Flo’s mind this was always a Vitamin Water type of deal, he was signing on to 1 percent of the company of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal and was hardly getting paid anything for it,” John Uustal, Flo Rida’s lawyer, told Insider.

Fortunately for Flo Rida, the roller coaster ride with the energy drink company has reached the finish line. According to Forbes, “the jury found that Celsius breached its 2014 agreement with Flo Rida, and fraudulently concealed information relating to the breach.”

The outlet goes on to mention the court awarded Flo Rida $82,640,450 in damages, of which $27 million constitutes the 250,000 shares Flo Rida states were expected under the contract.

As Flo Rida looks ahead, he is showing there will be no bad blood between him and Celsius.

“I’m still [an] owner in the company,” he said, according to CBS News. “And when you basically planted the seed for something that is successful, you can’t help but have unconditional love.”