Mase has been outspoken for a long time on the alleged harm Diddy has caused to Bad Boy Records’ artists. 

Now, it appears that the rapper himself may not be in the clear when it comes to his track record as a businessman.

Fivio Foreign's Deal With Mase

In an interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Fivio Foreign shared the details of a deal he previously made with Mase’s label RichFish Records.

The fellow New York rapper shared with the co-hosts that not only was the deal made without a lawyer present but he was allegedly lowballed.

“We went to go sit down and meet him. And I’m not gonna lie he just pulled out the paper and I just signed the sh-t immediately,” he admitted on the podcast.

He added: “The advance was $5,000 — $5,000 hit. I thought that sh-t was going to last and that sh-t ain’t last two weeks.”

The Drill Rapper Is Still Under RichFish Records

Fivio went on to reveal that he’s still under the contract with Mase. 

“Mase know the business. He really know the business a lot. So, I didn’t know nothing. I just was signing and he was kinda trying to fake explain it to me like, ‘Yo, you get to keep this. I get 30 percent of this.’ And I was like, ‘Aight, whatever. What we gonna do?’ He a smooth talker.”

The Brooklyn native also recalled Mase making an empty promise on getting him a record with G Herbo.

Initial Interview About The Deal

Fivio’s recent interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast isn’t his first time addressing his contract with Mase.

In 2020, he sat down with Paul Rosenberg on Hot 97 and talked about signing with Mase’s label after drill rapper Jay Dee (prior to his arrest).

During the interview, he cleared the air about his deal, after 50 Cent posed the question of whether or not Mase owns his publishing rights just as Mase claims Diddy owns his. 

“So it was a production deal … He don’t own none of my publishing,” he said, according to Complex. “I don’t really know him and Dee’s situation, or whatever.” 

He added: “That was the first situation that presented itself, I jumped on it. But then I went to Columbia [Records], like as my sh-t started getting more lit.”