Just thinking about money — or a lack of it — can evoke some strong feelings, from anxiety and frustration to excitement and opportunity. Relative to the general population, Black people have faced many systemic barriers that limited or blocked access to capital, networks, resources, high-earning opportunities, and, as an outcome, generational wealth. 

Despite the persistent obstacles, being intentional and strategic, along with getting assistance from professionals trained to help make your money work for you, generational wealth is more of a possibility.

MassMutual market strategist Darin Florenz, a veteran in financial services, believes holistic financial planning is an important step toward building generational wealth. Holistic planning means strategically managing your finances for the big picture — short- and long-term goals you want to achieve — rather than working toward only one goal or challenge, like buying a house or starting a business.

The thought of working with a financial professional is often where skepticism enters the chat. “A financial professional just wants to sell me something” or “I don’t have enough money to work with a financial professional” are common responses. 

“Regardless of where you are at on your financial journey, set those thoughts aside,” Florenz says. “When you look behind the proverbial curtain at people that have achieved their financial goals, there’s most often someone in their circle that provided very sound financial guidance, empowering them to feel more confident in their ability to achieve their objectives.”

Florenz defines financial empowerment as having the confidence and access to the skill sets to control your money, rather than your money controlling you. “There are many individuals and families that started out with very little, who had moderate-income jobs, and didn’t necessarily have all the answers but recognized that to secure their financial futures, they had to develop a proactive plan to spend, save and invest with intent.”

MassMutual has made financial empowerment a priority within the company, within Black communities, and as part of the company’s philosophy in helping people secure their futures and protect loved ones.

If you’re ready to take that next step, find out how MassMutual can help you create a personalized financial plan.

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