As ad agencies look to become more diverse, Giant Spoon has launched a new Diverse Audience Marketing division to be headed by film producer Kenny Mac, reports DigiDay.

The eight-person team will work with brands to improve diversity and inclusion within their internal cultures, as well as help them connect with diverse audiences.

“Very excited for this new chapter that allows me to pull from the learnings of my career to help make a difference in diversity and inclusion with how brands communicate to their consumers,” Mac, who recently served as executive producer of “Antebellum,” wrote on Instagram. “Also, so excited to be a part of such an innovative team who look at my new career passions as an asset, as opposed to a conflict.”

In his new role at Giant Spoon, Mac will create in-house focus groups with brands and review their workforce numbers. Through his leadership, his goal is to lead and ensure diverse employees are having meaningful experiences at work.

Following anti-racism demonstrations over the summer, many companies promised to hire more Black employees in executive positions. Mac suggests overhauling office culture before bringing more people into a toxic environment.

“There have been companies that made big plans over the summer, big commitments like, ‘We’re going to hire X amount of Black employees’ whilst their current Black employees are outside with picket signs. Fix that first. That’s part of the process,” he said.

In addition to leading the new division, Kenny Mac is also focused on guiding more people of color in advertising.

“That’s my responsibility as a Black man in this industry — to nurture, mentor, and support the next generations coming up.”