Legendary Pictures is bringing Image Comics’ 1920s fantasy action series Bitter Root to the big screen.

As Deadline reports, the film will be based on the comic series by David F. Walker, Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown and features the Sangeryes family, a Black family of monster hunters during the Harlem Renaissance in 1924. They are the only defense against a horde of monsters set to invade New York City. These monsters feed off of many of America’s ills like bigotry and discrimination. The family has splintered over the years, and now the remaining members must unite to save the city.

Walker, Green and Brown will executive produce with Sean Owolo from Big Machine. Legendary’s Jon Silk and Disney Hall will oversee.

Combined with the news of Sebastian A. Jones’ Asunda and Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed getting development deals, it would seem there’s a sea change happening within Hollywood. We see more and more boundary-pushing projects getting greenlit. It makes sense that the successes of films like Black PantherGet Out and Us are propelling studios to look toward these Black-led projects. Let’s hope this positive momentum continues.