In 2020, Black women continue to break through barriers to success and lead the charge to enact change. New Jersey attorney Fabiana Pierre-Louis is one of the latest women to do just that.

Pierre-Louis has been appointed as the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice in New Jersey. 

The state’s Governor, Phil Murphy, nominated Pierre-Louis for the role in June and the Senate confirmed the decision last week, reports Black Enterprise. 

“I’m incredibly proud that the Senate has unanimously confirmed Fabiana Pierre-Louis as the next Associate Justice to serve on New Jersey‘s Supreme Court,” Murphy said in a statement, according to ABC7 News

As a Haitian American and daughter of immigrants, Pierre-Louis says she hopes to inspire others with similar backgrounds. 

“The thought of actually sitting on the court one day was not something that came across my mind as a law clerk,” Pierre-Louis said to ABC7 News. “I think my end game as a law student was to become an attorney and hopefully make an impact on the legal profession, in some way.”

Pierre-Louis now sits as the youngest person to ever serve on the state’s Supreme Court.