Creating a successful stream of income for yourself is great, but it’s even better when your win helps others.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Elise Swopes made headlines when she turned her love of making non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into making over $200,000 back in 2021. Additionally, the rise in her online presence led to her being featured in projects such as collaborating with Black Women On Boards (BWOB) for its NFT release to commemorate its accelerator program’s launch.

Featured Speaker At The 2022 AfroTech Conference

What’s more, as we shared with you earlier this month, Swopes is one of the top innovators in Web3 to be a featured speaker at the 2022 AfroTech Conference in Austin, TX.

The Artist's Overall Mission

At the core of Swopes’ work is to support her community, especially Black women.

“When I make a sale, I make sure that I’m giving back to the community that’s giving back as well,” the Brooklyn-based artist said last year.

She continued: “Because there’s a cycle [of support]. But I have also found quite a bit of difficulty with the [NFT] community as far as representation of people of color and Black women specifically.”

Sunrise Art Club

In her efforts to support underrepresented creators on their quest to find similar success, Swopes founded the Sunrise Art Club. The creative impact agency is dedicated to creators of color in Web3.

According to its website, Sunrise Art Club “produces innovative and effective projects dedicated to improving the lives of underrepresented individuals through education, funding, and exhibition.” Within the initiative, you can find helpful information from NFT 101 including how to stay safe in the space and more.

Swopes also hosts Sunrise Sundays, a safe space where there are community check-ins, NFT artists and their artwork are highlighted, and more.

To catch Swopes at the 2022 AfroTech Conference, click here.