God’s plan!

As AfroTech just told you, Drake recently stitched a deal with online gambling company Stake with plans to share the wealth with others. In a clip posted by the artist on Instagram, he reveals he experienced his “biggest hit ever” during an online roulette game on the platform. Therefore, he decided it was time to deliver on his promise.

“Anytime I get blessed like that, I always think it’s good karma that needs to be transferred,” he said.

In a collaborative effort with both Stake and LeBron James, the duo invited Toronto student-athlete Michael, who plays at Royal Crown Academic School, alongside his mother to surprise them with $100,000 at Toronto’s Harbour 60 restaurant. In the clip, he shared that he would bless Michael.

“I respect your hard work a lot but I respect work your hard work more. On behalf of me and my brother at Stake, we wanted to give you this. It’s $100,000 and hopefully, it just makes this journey just a little easier,” Drake said to Michael and his mother.


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It didn’t end there.

I Promise School Receives $1M Donation

The act of kindness was just getting starting.

Moments later Drake turned to his friend and NBA GOAT LeBron James, announcing he was going to make a charitable donation to I Promise School.

“I know me and you talk about a lot of things we love. We love watches, we love cars, we love nice things, but I know what means the most to you in this life,” Drake said. “This man ask me a very important question, which is what actually makes you feel rich in the soul at this level. I’ve been trying to figure out what I could do for obviously this moment. So, I’m going to myself and Eddie from Stake, we’re going to dedicate a million dollars to the I Promise School,” the artist said.

Drake added he will be giving the donation directly to the students himself. Then, he hinted at a possible concert commemorating the news.

I Promise School

LeBron opened the I Promise School in 2018 to provide children and young adults with quality education and co-curricular educational initiatives, according to the company’s website.