News of rappers venturing into the cannabis industry has been making headlines very frequently as of late, and Drake is one of the latest to join with his new investment.

The rapper is now an investor, partner and strategic advisor for Bullrider — a Toronto-based cannabis brand — according to a press release.

Drake is joining his music partner in crime Noah “40” Shebib — who co-owns Bullrider — to “play a role in advising and helping with strategy as part of the brands mission to bring an unmatched cannabis experience to the North American market.”

“I’ve always viewed 40 as the expert when it comes to cannabis so I’m very excited to invest, partner and contribute to setting a new standard for a premium cannabis experience,” Drake said in a press release.

Bullrider is set to offer multiple high-grade strains, merchandise, retail and premium cannabis products.

“At the heart of Bullrider is the convergence of street art, hip-hop and limited premium Cannabis product drops,” said CEO Maxim Zavet. “We’re honored to create a space for Drake and 40 to continue their iconic partnership in lending their innovation and drive to sharing our products with the world.”

The brand’s name is inspired from the strain “Afghani Bullrider,” which 40 has recognized as what has helped him manage the symptoms of his battle with multiple sclerosis. As Bullrider’s co-founder, the producer hopes to help provide consumers with the same accessibility.

“My involvement with Bullrider stems from the urge to help consumers access high-grade strains with the same recreational therapeutic benefits that I’ve been able to enjoy,” said 40. “It’s not just another cannabis brand, Bullrider has a deep reverence for quality cannabis and its medicinal properties which I’ve always been extremely passionate about.”

The press release also discloses that Bullrider will open their flagship store in Brampton, Ontario “offering a one-of-a-kind cannabis production and retail experience in October 2021.”

Drake’s investment in Bullrider just became one of the latest to be added to his portfolio. As AfroTech previously reported, he joined Samuel L. Jackson and others in an investment in the Dave’s Hot Chicken franchise in September 2021.