DoorDash has announced a pilot program with mRelief, the startup helping families across the nation sign up for food stamps through voice, digital and text applications.

There are a few hurdles when it comes to applying for food stamps. From wait times, paperwork and being approved, families risk going through weeks of not securing the funding necessary to help buy groceries.

DoorDash and mRelief’s partnership is providing emergency food vouchers to assist families while they wait for food stamp approval in San Francisco. Families who sign up for CaliFresh—California’s food stamp program—in San Francisco are given $35 in DoorDash credit for their next meal. The partnership is set to run from February until September, according to a post from DoorDash’s blog.

“Our work at mRelief is about bringing the simplicity of technology typically used to provide on-demand services, to things that are critical needs” mRelief co-founder Rose Afriyie told Techcrunch. 

The partnership is big news for mRelief and will allow them to make an even bigger impact. Since its start, the Chicago-based company has unlocked more than $65 million in food stamp benefits for families in the United States.

Just last week, Airbnb and Twilio announced initiatives with the city to curb its homelessness numbers. The $2.7 million commitment will help fund the RisingUp program, which helps homeless youth.