The TmrO App is creating an easier future for creatives.

“With the game changing, I think it’s just setting up the world to embrace more entrepreneurs, more creative people,” said DJ Don Cannon, co-founder of TmrO, during an episode of Black Tech Green Money podcast. “This just gives you a chance to say ‘hey, you don’t need the MPC to become the world’s biggest producer, you don’t need the tablet to draw the best dress in the world…’ everything is set up for you to win in 2021 and beyond.”

Cannon, alongside his co-founder, Kayla Shelton, joined Black Tech Green Money host Will Lucas to discuss ways to democratize the creative opportunity — something that they’re allowing through TmrO.

“I’ve always been a freelancer so I’ve never really had a boss,” shared Shelton. “Starting off as a recording artist I was the talent, but still I didn’t report to anyone and so I had to make sure that I hired the accountant, I had to have my own lawyer, I had to make sure that I understood the terms and things like that.”

Shelton says that it was indeed challenging, but she was able to push through and now she and Cannon want to make things easier for the current and future generations of creatives.

“The TmrO app allows you to have structure,” she continued. “To have your own portfolio in a marketplace so that you don’t have to pay those website fees and things of that nature to promote your work. It’s all in the app — from discovery to booking to payment.”


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TmrO even offers taxes so that creatives can file right from the work done in the app.

“Even in its beta stages, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that the app has helped creatives stay organized and turn their businesses into a real business and things like that,” continued Cannon. “That’s very important because we don’t have that as creatives. Most of us, as creatives, have [the creative] part down packed but lack when it comes to the business side — this takes care of that.”

Listen to the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money below to learn how creatives can take advantage of TmrO and boss up all 2021 and beyond: