Dominiece Clifton’s story is a testament to how timing is everything when it comes to seeing your dreams unfold.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the 34-year-old went from being on the brink of letting go of her aspirations of becoming a business owner to securing a “no-strings-attached” life-changing grant — $2,000 a month for one year, to be exact.

“I was spending a lot of time helping other people build their dreams,” Clifton said, according to The Baltimore Sun. “But the grant has made it so I can be present because the basics are covered, and it has allowed me to invest in things for the program. I haven’t felt this much peace in so long.”

According to the outlet, the “We Got Your Back” grant was launched by Jayme Wooten, who is the founder of CLLCTIVLY — a Black-led organization that works to be a resource for social impact in the Baltimore community. The funding was launched for not only entrepreneur’s businesses, but also for their overall livelihood.

“You’re investing in the whole person instead of just the business,” Wooten said. “I know what that grind can do to you. So to be able to know we are supporting folks means more than anything” he went on to say.

Move and Still

After earning the grant, Clifton has moved forward with expanding her business — Move and Still — by getting her yoga certification and buying equipment. Next on her list is starting meditation training and breath work. Currently, Move and Still is under development, but in the meantime she’s partnered with nonprofit PIVOT to create wellness spaces for former women inmates, students, and families.

Additionally, she’s focused on balancing being a businesswoman and a mother to her daughters.

“You start a business to provide a better life for your kids, but then you question everything because you feel like they deserve better,” she said. “But I want to show them that they can live a limitless life — whatever you do, you don’t have to be boxed in by society.”