DJ Envy is questioning a recent real estate fraud lawsuit that has been brought forth against him.

According to HipHopDX, the media personality was sued alongside real estate couple, Cesar and Jennifer Pinas, by two men, Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini, who claimed they were defrauded out of a $1.5 million after an apartment complex project fell through.

The Allegations

What’s more, the men allege that after investing in the Taylor Company and Flip 2 Dao, two real estate ventures, Envy and the Pinas took their money without bringing the project to the anticipated close.

In court documents, DJ Envy pushed back saying that he has never been an employee or affiliate of either the Taylor Company or Flip 2 Dao.

Instead, the “Breakfast Club” host says that he was merely named so the plaintiffs could capitalize on his celebrity status and bring more light to the case.

The Pinas, specifically Cesar Pina, followed up on DJ Envy’s story, agreeing that he has never been a part of the companies. 

“…It’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals, negotiations, or partnerships that have come into question,” Pina stated.

More Real Estate Fraud Claims Against The Pinas

DJ Envy suggests that he too is a victim after claiming that he lost $500,000 in a separate project with the Pinas to renovate and transform a former school into an apartment building.

Despite his reports of an agreement with the couple to receive a return on his investment as well as a monthly dividend of close to $17,000, DJ Envy says he has yet to see any of the money.

All parties, including Barone and Martini, are expected to appear in court on Sept. 8, 2023, to reach an agreement in the case.