Restaurant owners, Robyn and Zak Wallace have officially made history with the first Black-owned food truck to operate at Walt Disney World, per reports from Travel Noire.

The pair, who is a husband and wife duo that took their Local Green restaurant to the food truck industry initially launched their business to take their health into more consideration after losing family members.

Healthier Living

Losing family due to health issues encouraged them to not only take back control of their own health, but it also pushed them to want to help others do the same.

“I lost my brother, and my wife lost her mother to cancer,” said Zak in an interview. “When you’re sick with illnesses such as cancer or high blood pressure, doctors will tell you not to eat fried foods, eat lean meat and vegetables, and no pork or beef. If you can’t eat this while you’re sick, these things shouldn’t be eaten if you’re feeling good.”

With business booming in Atlanta, the two received an offer to take their food truck talents down to Disney Springs and the rest is history. Their food truck is the first Black-owned truck to operate at the popular theme park.

“We wanted to bring something to our community without sacrificing the taste,” Zak expressed. “We know our culture tends to like soul food, barbecue, fried food… but it’s affecting our health. Of the illnesses plaguing our community, the top three killers are hypertension, cancer, and diabetes.”

Delicious, Healthy Meals

Overall, the Wallaces aim to be a beacon of light at the theme park by providing visitors with healthy meals without losing the flavor.

“When eating here, we hope people realize that you can control your life by what you eat and removing the negative things,” Zak concluded. “Put yourself first on your to-do list and think about the people most impacted by your daily dietary choices.”