Disctopia is looking to jumpstart the youth’s interest in the podcast space.

As AfroTech previously told you, the podcast hosting and streaming service was created by Patrick Hill. Its mission is to help indie artists, podcasters, and content creators maintain a steady income through a subscription model which allows them to collect 100 percent of revenue.

“We don’t want to hinder artists by taking a percentage of what they can make like Patreon or Etsy. We are just charging for the technology. So, if you make a million dollars on our platform, you get a million dollars,” Hill previously told AfroTech.

To further engage the youth, Distopia recently partnered with Charlotte Lab Schools to provide mobile studios that include kits with instructions on how to operate and jumpstart their podcasts. The school now becomes one of the first in the region to gain access to a Podcast Education System solution, according to a press release.

Courtesy of Disctopia

“Podcasting has an important role to play in the future of education,” said Hill, according to a press release. “Through this partnership and many more, we hope to unlock the potential of many classrooms by opening a creative space for teachers and learners to share and discover new ideas. We believe this will help teachers push through the challenges of a modern classroom.”

Learners and teachers will have access to the mobile podcast studio through the Charlotte Lab Schools library or media center. What’s more, studios will have premium account access to Disctopia and can upload unlimited episodes to their podcast. The center will work to provide a creative alternative medium for students and teachers to discuss relevant topics, have healthy discourse, and stir their interests toward developing new projects.

“We are looking forward to the content to be created with the Mobile Podcast Studio,” said Ricky Singh, Charlotte Lab School’s Head of Upper School in a statement provided to AfroTech.

Singh also added he looks forward to the activities students will engage in while working in the Mobile Podcast Studio, as he believes it will be superior to “pencil and paper.”