Social media continues to provide opportunities in the most unexpected ways, and “Popeyes meme kid” Dieunerst Collin has learned firsthand.

Remember This Viral Video?

Collin, an offensive lineman at Lake Erie College, may be familiar to some.

He first went viral for a Vine clip captured while he was at Popeyes in 2013. The hilarious side-eye from the nine-year-old, at the time, was cemented in the meme of the hall of fame when it surfaced on the Internet.

At first, the meme was bittersweet for Collin, but as he got older, he found a greater appreciation for the viral video.

“I ain’t gonna lie to you. Before, I did take it as offensive. Now, I do take it as a joke. When I look back at it, I laugh at it. In general, I’m known as being a funny guy,” Collin said during a conversation in 2021 with Complex.

Now, Collin is laughing straight to the bank.

The college football player got Popeyes’ attention after taking to social media to possibly land a business opportunity with the fast-food chain.

“I need everyone to repost this and tag @popeyes. I just wanna talk business,” Collin wrote on Jan. 8 via Instagram.


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NIL Deal With Popeyes

With a flood of support from the Internet, Collin succeeded and got the restaurant’s attention.

“Let’s get this bread(ing),” Popeyes said via Twitter in a response to one of Collin’s tweets.

And, that’s how you do it.

While the details have not been disclosed, Front Office Sports reports that Collin has landed a name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal with Popeyes.

“I didn’t know the internet was like that bro. Now I know to never doubt the internet anymore. I appreciate it,” Collin said on Instagram live.