When DJ Khaled released his single “God Did,” no one likely thought Sean “Diddy” Combs would soon come out with an announcement about a call to do God’s work.

Well, he did, and with a sense of conviction from his Instagram post, the Bad Boy Entertainment founder is on a mission to “save the Black race.” While what that exactly means is unclear, the most interesting thing about his mission and work is his declaration to buy Disney.

Doing God's Work

According to his Instagram post, Diddy let the world know he received divine insight on his mission on earth. On the one hand, it is to help save the Black race, as aforementioned. His revelation’s second part was to ensure all people get “the same 24 hours.”

Diddy explained that some people believe what he wants to do is an impossible task, but he thinks it can be done if he has the right help.

“To other people, it’s an impossible dream. It’s not impossible. It’s going to happen. We’re going to make progress and change the world, but I can’t do it alone,” Diddy explained about his upcoming work.

But What Exactly Is It That Sean Combs Wants To Accomplish?

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A Call For Help

In the Instagram caption, he wrote, “I want to be a TRILLION PERCENT CLEAR on GOD’S purpose for me!!! I need help #REALBAD! I need executives with winning experience. I need leaders I can learn from. I need people that are on the same frequency about changing this world RIGHT NOW.”

The details around his “God’s Work” project or the plans to buy Disney are unclear. However, Diddy has a long list of people — or “unicorn executives” — he wants to enlist to ensure his vision comes to pass.

In the caption of his Instagram video, he listed several positions necessary to join his team. The roles include CMO, COO, VP of Marketing, Revenue Technologists, Scientists, TV & Film Development Execs, Social Media directors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Editors, and a host more.

“I’m not coming to just compete. I’m coming to win. I’m going to f-ckin buy Disney for us,” the rapper and producer explained via Instagram.

A Major Investment

This project would be what Diddy calls the “biggest human resources investment.”

At the end of his video, the media mogul made a final plea for those with the experience and a track record of success to apply to be a part of this “fight” and help him make progress and change the world.


His Callout

If you are interested in doing “God’s Work” with Diddy, he is calling for resumes and portfolios to be sent to Godswork@combsglobal.com.