This educator is receiving his flowers in a huge way!

Alex Diasgranados is the DC teacher who just received a $50,000 check for his work in the education system, reports BLACK ENTERPRISE.

His work at Aiton Elementary School in Washington, D.C. has earned him numerous awards and now it’s landed him National University 2021 Teacher of the Year.

“I couldn’t have been more excited to receive this news from none other than my friend Drew Barrymore who sent a crew to my house to present the award,” shared Diasgranados via Instagram.

No stranger to The Drew Barrymore Show, Diasgranados made his first appearance on the show last year to talk about his work in education.

“This community has been underserved for several years,” said Diasgranados. “However, this community is filled with such cultural wealth. My personal mission has always been to give my students access to a variety of people, programs, resources, and connections to really enhance their learning experience.”

Diasgranados used creative methods to teach his 4th and 5th-grade students during the pandemic and provided a safe space for kids to discuss worldwide issues.

“They have so much to say, and they are the future,” he shared during an interview with WTOP News.

During that episode, Drew Barrymore announced a gift from Asus, and the computer hardware company gifted Chromebook laptops for every student and teacher at Aiton Elementary.

Now, Drew Barrymore is the bearer of more good news, as she shares another award for Diasgranados to add to his list of achievements.

In what he thought was a follow-up conversation, the DC educator was surprised by ABC7 reporter Kid O’Shea who arrived at his home to share the big news.

While on-camera, he had no idea that this meeting was more than a follow-up, but a life-changing award and check for his dedication to the education system.

“It’s huge because teachers are working so hard during this pandemic,” said Diasgranados speaking on the nomination at the time. “And to even be recognized is something that I’m extremely grateful for.”

Just moments later, Dr. Michael Cunningham from National University appeared on screen and announced that he was the recipient of the National University Teacher of the Year award.

“We chose you because you believe and inspire your students each and every day,” said Cunningham. “As the winner, you just received this $50,000 check which you can spend anywhere you want.”

Diasgranados also received a full-ride scholarship for a Master’s or doctoral degree.