Rapper Shante Scott Franklin, aka Curren$y, is dabbling in digital assets by hosting an exclusive event for his fans who purchase his NFT Only EP “Financial District,” Bondly Finance reported.

Fans who purchase Curren$y’s NFT album will be invited to a special virtual smoke session with him backstage at his concert in Houston on April 20. The rapper and his Jet Life recording label are partnering with Bondly Finance, an NFT strategy and development company, to power EP sales on April 20 that will start promptly at 4:20 p.m EST.

“What Curren$y has cultivated with his JetLife fan-base is the exact type of forward-thinking artist we want to partner with,” Bondly Finance CEO Brandon Smith said in a press release. “Releasing an exclusive NFT only EP in this manner is the iteration from what he’s done previously using BitTorrent technology but drives more interpersonal engagement. He’s really created something special for his diehard fans by limiting access to the EP.”

As part of the EP release, there will be a one-of-a kind NFT art piece designed by NFT 3D animating graphic artist Kid Eight up for grabs. The piece will be sold through an auction that will run for three days starting on April 20 and the winner will be getting a lot more than one NFT art item. The highest bidder in the auction will also receive flight and hotel accommodations to meet Curren$y at a future event, a physical copy of the rare art piece painted on a canvas and the NFT art will be integrated with Atari Metaverse and potentially other virtual platforms, the press release states.

“Jet Life is a brand that you can believe in,” Curren$y said in a statement. “Jet Life has always been at the forefront of using technology and alternative distribution models, so dropping an exclusive NFT only EP for my most passionate fans and then inviting them to a virtual smoke session with me backstage before my show in Houston on 4/20 is synonymous with my brand.”

Fans have three options to participate in the NFT sale of Curren$y’s upcoming EP, Bondly Finance shared in the press release:

  • Purchase the full seven-song EP which includes a 4/20 Smoke Pass, a Curren$y Lowrider NFT and rare Jet Life Chain NFT that’s only reserved for purchasers of the full EP NFT.
  • A scaled down five-song selection from the EP where purchaser will also receive a 4/20 Smoke Pass and a Curren$y Lowrider NFT.
  • A 4/20 Smoke Pass which gives the purchaser access to participate in the virtual smoke session with Curren$y and Jet Life.

The rapper has also been in the news lately as one of two artists Jay-Z picked to be a part of his Monogram cannabis campaign.