What started as simple posts to share her experiences with her son has now led one mother and her child to the ultimate brand deal with Target.

“Started off by sharing videos taking my son to the store with a mini cart teaching him to be more comfortable in places that might be overwhelming since he’s on the Autism spectrum,” wrote Kyra Henry via Twitter.

Now, they are celebrating a brand deal with Target to launch the mini carts.

The thread includes more details about the partnership, as well as one of the original clips that Henry shared to TikTok of her son Kyren. He can be seen shopping in the grocery store on his own while putting all of his favorite items into a mini cart.

Collaborating With Target

Henry shared more news about the brand partnership with Target via Instagram.

“I think Kyren has the perfect costume this year thanks to the launch of the mini carts @target,” she wrote in a caption accompanied by a clip of her son preparing for the fall festivities with the cart not too far behind. “Not only did Target make the cutest mini shipping carts, but they also have the best Fall Party decorations. I love having themed parties for my kids and Target had everything I needed!”

Authentic Partnerships Matter

This is not only a win for Kyren and Henry, but it also sends a message that often times the best way for brands to market products is through consumers who can touch everyday people.

As previously reported by AfroTech, viral sensations like Tariq The Corn Kid are the perfect example. He has not on become an official corn ambassador in one of the nation’s top corn producers, South Dakota, but also made cameos with brands like Chipotle.