ConnectEO, a digital platform that connects entrepreneurs to opportunities, has officially launched.

In a press release, the company has said that it has come out of the beta mode and has gone live.

“After years of exploration, conversations, and research, I decided to create ConnectEO Network as a tool to democratize access to business resources in an effort to create ownership and close the wealth gap,” said Erin Person, Founder of ConnectEO Network, in the press release statement. “Through strategic collaboration and community, we’re working to enable 1 million entrepreneurs of color to build sustained businesses by 2023. We’re incredibly proud to create connections and provide critical resources for entrepreneurs to succeed and collectively shape the future, especially in today’s business climate.”

According to the company website, many entrepreneurs — especially Black entrepreneurs, who are more likely to come from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds — sometimes have a difficultly making meaningful, monied connections due to lack of access. ConnectEO looks to change that.

The community serves entrepreneurs in various stages of their business who have a desire to learn from and help each other to reach business success. Users have the option to choose between various tiers of access to the site which includes different features catered to their business needs at any given moment.