A long while back, there was a cartoon about a family that lived far into the future. They had robots, flying cars, and all sorts of technology that many people could not conceive at the time. Although “The Jetsons” only lasted for three seasons, it foretold some things to come.

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was built into the show’s fabric. And while some of the ideas in “The Jetsons” have yet to come to fruition, society is currently inundated with AI’s power and evolving possibilities.

For many people and organizations, AI is a lifesaver. With ChatGPT helping folks save time with emails to platforms that serve as resume-writing assistants, AI is here to stay. However, with such strong possibilities comes the growing fear of human replacements in the workplace.

While this fear may have some rational context, the future will likely be less about an AI takeover and more about the collaborative intelligence between AI and human capacity, with the goal of improving work outcomes.

According to a report by the Harvard Business Journal, there have been about 1,500 organizations that are making progress in overall capacity and performance when “humans and machines work together.”

Although the idea of keeping human workers in place is admirable, the evolution of AI may still foster an increase in machine replacements. Here’s what we know about some companies that already have a robust integration of AI into their everyday work.


Alphabet is the parent company of Google, and according to a Reuters report, it cut 12,000 jobs “as it faces ‘a different economic reality,’ it said in a staff memo, doubling down on artificial intelligence (AI) and axing staff who support experimental projects.”

Although many layoffs displaced a lot of people, they only represented about 6% of its workforce.

It’s not clear whether or not another wave of layoffs is coming.


A Bloomberg report shows that Amazon is moving toward a more collaborative model with AI. While the company also experienced job cuts during this economic downturn, the tech giant invested in AI to revolutionize its search capabilities.

Current job listings point to the skill sets needed to build what is described as “reimagining Amazon Search with an interactive conversational experience.”


Most people know of Apple through its cult-like smartphone following, but the tech giant is throwing its hat in the ring to integrate AI into its business. There have been no specific announcements, but in a February 2023 earnings call with CEO Tim Cook, he said there will be a more significant focus on AI in its work.


IBM is not new to AI. In 1997, the tech company built a computer that won a world chess championship.

With so much progress since then, IBM has shifted to using AI to replace back-end functioning jobs. According to a separate Bloomberg report, the organization is pausing hiring for specific positions that AI could replace. This move will affect an estimated 7,800 roles.


According to Fortune, Netflix was at the center of conversations when it used AI to create some of the work for an anime production. The company noted that it used the technology because of a labor shortage, but artists and fans did not receive it well. For “Dog & The Boy,” the AI-generated art was used for background art in the short film.