When you’re that girl, technology just adds a little pizazz to the cause!

For Coco Jones, the evolution of tech has afforded her not only the luxury of pouring her talents into music but has enhanced the creative control over the art she puts out for her fans. In particular, social media has played a huge role in her success as an independent artist.

“Being able to create my own content and build a fan base, not based on an outside opportunity from, you know, a show or a movie,” said Jones during an exclusive interview with AfroTech at the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture. “Also, I can record my own music, I have my own home setup where I can just be creative and produce high-quality content from my home because of technology. I feel like I have more creative control.”

The Technology of Streaming

For independent artists like Coco Jones, the evolution of the way the world consumes music has allowed them to be on the winning side of things. Thanks to the technology of an at-home studio that Jones mentioned, she is able to self-release her music, in turn sharing her art with fans at her own leisure.

While Jones continues to also make waves as an actress as Hilary Banks 2.0 in Peacock’s “Bel-Air,” she also can drop tracks like “Caliber” to let her fans know that she is truly a multifaceted queen.

Dream in Black

As an ambassador for AT&T, Jones aims to show others how they too can use the power of technology to dream big.

“It’s been awesome working with AT&T because I feel like we have similar motives in mind for our ‘whys,'” Jones shared. “The goal is to give the platform to women and men who look like me, and who are creating culture through technology and having this future forward as far as how we can be productive with where we’re going as a culture.”

Breaking Barriers Through Tech

As someone who has been shaking things up in the industry, Jones knows what it means to take up space and do a damn good job while doing so.

From her earlier Disney days to now, one thing has remained consistent with Jones — and that’s her authenticity. She has provided representation for so many young people who look like her every step of the way. Furthermore, she hopes she can use the power of technology to continue making a difference.

“For us, representation can change the future,” said Jones. “If we see people that look like us and stories that are similar to ours, it can change a mindset and then, who knows what you inspire by creating these stories and giving these opportunities to other cultures. I think it’s just important to break down that door and leave it swinging open so that the next generation can come in and create and produce freely because that’s what we’ve earned.”