There’s a lot at stake in the upcoming midterm elections. The political tide of the country could be changing and one Minneapolis based startup wants to make sure people are informed as they make their choices this November.

Founders Damola Ogundipe and Yemi Adewunmi created Civic Eagle in 2015 to encourage civic engagement and political empowerment for U.S. residents, but decided to pivot the company in 2018 by creating a B2B product.

Now, the team’s latest product Enview, a software that tracks legislation from across the country, is taking the hassle out of legislation research for organizers and lobbyists.

Ogundipe, Civic Eagle’s CEO, said that he wants his company to be the SalesForce of civic engagement.

Enview uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to compile and analyze bills across the U.S.

The platform helps advocacy groups, labor unions and other organizations manage and collaborate policy initiatives. Users can tag bills on the platform and sign up to get notifications on the bills’ progress.

Civic Eagle secured funding from Backstage Capital, Comcast and Camelback Ventures earlier this year to launch Enview.

Kendrick Holley, an organizing and policy specialist in Washington, D.C., said that most people don’t know that platforms like Enview exist.

“I’m a little old school,” Holley said about doing research. “But I don’t want a huge stack of papers on my desk.”

Civic Eagle is hoping to entice organizers like Holley and large companies to use its products.

Ogundipe said the company plans to roll out more products in the future but is now focusing on growing Enview.