For those who follow reality television in the hip-hop world, it is hard to pretend that you do not know who Chrisean Rock is — or her equally tumultuous relationship with fellow rapper, Blueface. The young reality celeb is just as well known for the drama that tends to follow her as she is for her accomplishments. Along with being featured on several reality shows, she’s a model and rapper. Given her high visibility, you might be curious as to her current net worth. 

Chrisean Rock’s Early Life

Born Chrisean Malone in 2000, the artist originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland. She comes from a rather large family that includes 11 siblings. She later relocated to Minnesota where she ultimately graduated from high school. While little is known about her childhood, most insiders agree that she has always had a love for music and it was not until after high school that she began to pursue that career choice. However, she did attend Santa Monica College in California as a student athlete. 

Releasing Tracks and Making Waves

After high school, Chrisean began releasing songs while also honing her craft as a songwriter. Songs such as “Rainy Days,” ”Lovely,” “Word to My Brother” and “Adin Ross Disstrack” that were released on her YouTube channel helped to push her viral image. She earned more than 189,000 subscribers along with connecting with a larger audience. 

Chrisean Rock and Reality TV

Chrisean’s first foray into reality television was on the Fox competition “Ultimate Tag” in 2020. The show follows contestants as they must essentially play a game of tag and avoid getting tagged out while navigating the course. She won, completing the course in just 50 seconds while also nabbing a $10,000 grand prize. 

After that feature, she later appeared on the show “Blue Girls Club” — a series that followed a formula similar to “Flavor of Love” with hopeful women contestants competing for Blueface’s affections. During this time, she collaborated with the rapper on a track called “Loney,” which was then followed by another viral track “Vibe” that was popular on Spotify. 

In 2022, Chrisean was still a hip-hop reality television darling. This time she was cast on a show called “Baddies” that aired on the Zeus Network and later in the spinoff that again paired her with Blueface in the show, “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love.” But with the spinoff, Chrisean Rock is now credited as an executive producer. 

A Dramatic Relationship

While Chrisean Rock has a music career and a clear foothold in reality television, she is just as well known for her incredibly rocky relationship with Blueface — who is now also the father of her newborn child that she just had on  September 4 of this year. Her relationship with Blueface has been well documented as on-again, off-again. And often enough, many of their disagreements play out on the public stage. But only time will tell if the two have what it takes to work through the difficulties and make it to a brighter future. 

Chrisean Rock’s Current Net Worth

While Chrisean Rock has become a household name in some circles, she is still at the beginning of her net worth journey. According to figures released as of the time of publication, Chrisean’s net worth is currently at roughly $2 million. We can deduct that much of this might be credited to her reality television appearances if she’s earning a per-show fee.