VMware takes pride in its employees’ diverse talents and experiences in the tech space. Employees like Kubernetes Field Engineer Rachel Leekin have expertise in various areas that contribute directly to the top-level services that the company provides for its customers. 

In her role, Leekin helps customers get on the Kubernetes platform using VMware products. She also creates content for the company’s KubeAcademy and speaks at conferences. Leekin spoke with AfroTech about how her business and computer science background led to her career in engineering and how solving problems is the “most fun part of the job.”

“You always have a new problem,” Leekin said. “So every year there’s a new technology, new problem to solve, a new customer in a new sector — new space, whatever business. There’s always something new. I’m always trying to solve a new problem. It’s like never ending puzzles that you can get access to. It’s never the same.”

As a woman who has several patents and is also studying for her black belt in Taekwondo, the Kubernetes field manager recommends aspiring techies to always keep up with technology in their field of interest and be open to trying different roles. 

“It is hard,” Leekin said. “You’re always learning, and sometimes you get tired of learning fatigue. But I would tell them to pick a topic that you particularly like and learn as [much] technology in that space.”

Learn more about the many opportunities at VMware here and check out the interview with Leekin below:

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