Nike believes that if you have a body, you’re an athlete. This perspective has changed the game for how the company approaches its products and people. Vincent Sanders is aligned with this approach, and he’s committed to using his voice and perspective to help change the world. For him, the mantra “Just Do It” is about more than just getting it done. It’s connected to breaking down barriers and eliminating issues that can hinder success.

Although he graduated with an engineering background, Saunders’ journey to Nike was unconventional. His first job was as a systems analyst in the financial services industry. It was during that time that he realized he wanted a role that offered a more hands-on approach to technology. This is where his work with Nike began.

Currently, in his fourth year at Nike, Sanders is a Senior Applications Engineer on the price optimization team. In this role, Sanders helps business planners make well-informed price decisions. He’s also responsible for designing the user interface and experience for applications that business and assortment planners use. 

As a Black man in tech, Sanders understands there aren’t many people who look like him in decision-making rooms. But that’s not the case with Nike.

“To sum up my experience at Nike, I would say it’s one of a kind,” Sanders said. “I feel my view and perspective are valued. I enjoy the freedom to have a positive impact on sports and culture.”

Beyond helping solve problems, Sanders reaches back to junior-level developers as a mentor. Motivated by the innovative work he’s currently doing, he wants future developers and programmers to have an experience similar to his. He encourages future technologists to research the type of work and company they want to be involved in. Sanders also advises those coming behind him to engage in projects that can build their portfolio and experience.

Whether it’s changing people’s perspective around Black people in tech or just how people interact with technology, Sanders is committed to changing the world for the better.

Find out more about Sanders and his journey with Nike in the video here.