Kaiser Permanente (KP) is dedicated to helping underrepresented groups thrive in tech. Karen Ford, Executive Director and Chief of Staff – Strategy, Planning and Portfolio Management at Kaiser talks about why she loves her job and Kaiser Permanente.

Her primary job function includes supporting the 2000+ employees charged with keeping KP’s IT system running smoothly and efficiently. Ford isn’t a stranger to being the only woman — and woman of color — in the room, and she’s excited to be working at a company like KP that reinvests in communities and promotes diversity and inclusion in its ranks. At the end of the day, Ford’s job is to help KP deliver high-quality, affordable health care to Kaiser’s customers.  

Coming from a career in advertising, marketing, radio, and production, Ford never saw herself in the health care industry. However, she credits her advertising experience with inspiring her to imagine endless possibilities for herself. She still uses the skills she learned early in her career to drive flawless execution and create seamless customer experiences. Karen’s personal mantra is “It never hurts to ask.” She never shies away from admitting what she doesn’t know then vigorously pursuing answers. 

Kaiser Permanente is committed to shaping the future of health care. They hire the best people to do their best work and it shows. Their energy, expertise, innovation, and passion help KP transform health and health care.

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