From getting approved to searching for your dream home, buying (or selling) a house is a process in itself. Because it understands just how difficult this process can be, Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans has worked to put countless Americans into new homes for more than three decades.

Behind the scenes, Rocket Mortgage is powered by an army of professionals who have elevated it to the status of a premiere mortgage company. This army includes Jazmine Eaton, who’s found her niche within the company as a Senior Application Engineer.

It’s a role that helps streamline the mortgage process — something buyers and sellers alike can appreciate. Eaton says her job involves “reducing the amount of paper it takes to close your loan and sign your mortgage,” a digital push that allows Rocket Mortgage to expedite a traditionally long underwriting process.

Making mortgages more efficient wasn’t originally in Eaton’s plan. She initially dreamed of becoming a pediatric surgeon, but after realizing she was burnt out from school, Eaton began shifting her focus during her senior year. 

After joining a program that allowed her to shadow business analysts and other tech professionals, Eaton transitioned into the industry — an unintended journey she encourages others to try if possible. Since joining Quicken almost six years ago, Eaton’s leap of faith has paid off in the form of three promotions, including her latest as Sr. Application Engineer and mentor for Quicken’s Experience IT program. 

Tenacious and eager to learn, Eaton bridged her initial knowledge gap by being teachable and always open to new things. For those looking to walk a similar path, she says, “Be open to different opportunities and possibilities. Don’t box yourself in. I had to break myself out of that and understand that I’m an educated person and doors will be open for me because of that. But I have to keep pushing myself.”

From science to technology, learn how Jazmine Eaton has pivoted into an entirely new world at Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans.