It’s okay not to have everything figured out. This is a mantra that many of us don’t realize until after we’ve spun our wheels trying to conquer the world. For those interested in a tech career, at times it can feel like an exclusive club that only a select few gain entry into. These careers are in high demand right now, but just how do you go about landing one?

For Ashley Owens, the Director of Acquisitions at 18F, a digital and design studio within Technology Transformation Services (TTS), technology is an industry that seemed daunting but was absolutely worth it after she took the dive.

“Once I started to embrace agile and I wanted to get it, I was, like, ‘I wish I would have done this a lot sooner,’” says Ashley. “And I just think we need way more federal employees with that product skillset to start managing all these products that we have across the government and take back that product ownership.”

For companies like TTS, a leader in federal government modernization, there’s a unique opportunity to recruit creative and diverse talent — something that’s a priority at TTS, whose mission is to design and deliver a digital government with and for the American public.

Speaking exclusively with AfroTech, Ashley shared why a new generation should embrace tech careers, face professional fears, and more. Watch the full interview below. 

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