Cardi B made history when she became Playboy magazine’s first creative director in residence, AfroTech previously reported. Now, she is delivering on what she came there to do by reportedly taking the brand’s financial gains to the next level.

Along with her position as creative director, she is also a founding member and the founding creative director of the Centerfold platform, which intersects both the culture and sex over at the brand that has captivated many for decades. It is a dedication to “creative freedom, artistic expression” as well as “sex positivity,” which makes Cardi the perfect person to lead the charge.

Making Money Moves

On the heels of the close of its first-quarter revenue for the year, the PLBY Group has reportedly announced that under Cardi’s reign the company grew its direct-to-consumer revenue by 125 percent, bringing its year-over-year to an astounding $49.6 million.

In addition to that, the company’s total year-over-year revenue now sits at $69.4 million.

“Our strong first quarter with 63% year-over-year growth, robust demand for our iconic brand and consumer products, and continued progress on our digital roadmap for Centerfold, are coming together into one cohesive Playboy ecosystem creating a flywheel driving long-term growth,” said PLBY Group’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Kohn.

Star Power

The Bronx native’s influence cannot be touched or compared to anyone else’s because Cardi has always marched to the beat of her own drum and has never shied away from sharing her story to inspire others.

“It is a dream come true to officially join the Playboy family. I can’t believe this is real,” Cardi said in an Instagram post. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt connected to Playboy. It’s truly the original platform for uncensored creativity and I’m inspired by its incredible legacy of fighting for personal freedoms.”