Cardi B may be all for making money moves, but she isn’t for letting her coins go to waste!

While the Bronx native is one of Hip-Hop’s brightest stars, that does not stop her from being frugal.

Baddie On A Budget

“I’m very cheap, I don’t care,” said Cardi during an interview on Sway’s Universe. “Sometimes ya might see me with the jewelry, but I’m always looking at my account.”

Furthermore, the “Bodak Yellow” emcee is very intentional about the way she spends her hard-earned money.

“I’m not the one that wanna take jets everywhere,” she continued. “I don’t care. I’m really cool in Delta first class. That’s $30,000, $20,000 on what? My ears still pop.”

Addressing Today's Economy

Now, with the rise of grocery prices across the nation, Cardi is back to reiterate that she is not a fan of spending money excessively.

In a string of tweets fired off by the “Up” rapper, she urged someone to lower the price of food — and to do it with the quickness.

“Lettuce was, like, $2 a couple of months ago, and now it’s like f-cking $7,” Cardi expressed in a video shared to her Twitter feed. “Of course, I’m going to say something!”

Her Advice To Consumers

Just as she took time to address the current state of the economy, the 30-year-old also provided advice to everyone — start a budget, regardless of your tax bracket.

Cardi warned that without a proper budget — in this economy — you’re “going to go broke soon.”

Luckily, Cardi also practices what she preaches, which led her to notice the grocery price spike in the first place.

In her household, Cardi keeps a watchful eye on where her money is going by obtaining a weekly report of funds that are spent and recommends that everyone else follows suit.