As the worldwide web continues to evolve, so must the people using it! 

In the land of influencers and marketers, the resources to increase those coins are more available than ever thanks to the Internet. However, oftentimes creators aren’t privy to all of the benefits that this space has to offer. That’s why AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money podcast host Will Lucas caught up with Calaxy Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Solo Ceesay during AfroTech Executive Miami. 

The two break down how Ceesay is using his platform to change the game for influencers and marketers with the help of the ever-evolving metaverse during the latest episode where he talks determining your value in Web 3.0.

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How The Metaverse Is Changing Our Lives For The Better

While the metaverse has actually been around for a while, it seems like now, more than ever, more people are getting involved to see what the hype is about. Ceesay explains how it can be used as an advantage toward progression in one’s career or life.

“The metaverse is something that’s been here for a while,” he explained. “I think we’re just seeing new cases of technology and the integration with blockchain and how powerful it really can be in terms of putting together more collaboration and allowing those opportunities to happen. When I zoom out five years, I think that the metaverse is going to be very key to the way we meet people, the way we collaborate, and the way it makes the world smaller.”

He further explains that with a smaller world, the pathways to collaborating for a greater good become more open. 

“I think we’re going to see a more interoperable metaverse,” Ceesay continued. “I think that’s the next step.”

Is There More Than One Metaverse?

Throughout the conversation, Ceesay refers to the metaverse in the plural form which prompts questions from Lucas on if there’s more than one that those looking to enter this space should be aware of.

“The ethos of blockchain is really not necessarily about what the best investment is or what the best technology is,” Ceesay shared. “I think the technology that underpins the metaverse will admittedly be different, whether it’s coming from a different ecosystem or the use case in general. What we’re going to see is that convergence into one metaverse, but the technology that underpins it. I guess that definitionally, how we’ve thought about the metaverse has been attached to the technology, hence the plural nature of it.”

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