Byron Allen’s business moves continue.

In a press release, it was announced that Allen Media Group (AMG) and Google will join heads for an ambitious multi-year and multi-platform deal. The partnership will benefit AMG as they will have data-driven and secure technology solutions to propel the continued growth of AMG.

Allen Media Group + Google Cloud

AMG can expect to benefit from Google Cloud as its digital development will be backed by secure and scalable cloud infrastructures. The advancement will create more intentional relationships with its audiences globally. Furthermore, Google Cloud will help AMG across the board by creating apps at a faster pace, improving business decisions, and providing a gateway to business insights through Google Cloud’s data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities, as revealed in a press release.

The partnership offerings won’t stop there. AMG and Google will tap more streaming offerings to consumers via Google Play, Android phones and tablets, Google TV, and other Android TV OS devices. The media empires will also contribute more offerings to consumers by first expanding its YouTube TV carriage, beginning with The Weather Channel and select AMG networks, among others to be added.

“All of our Allen Media Group properties are growing at an unprecedented rate, and our partnership with Google is a key step in our continued global transformation,” said Allen in a press statement. “By leveraging Google’s technology, distribution, marketing, ad sales platforms, enormous capital support, and expertise, Allen Media Group will seamlessly build and enhance our reach and revenue worldwide.”