Brooklyn Chop House dumplings are now available to enjoy outside of the New York restaurants.

According to a press release shared with AFROTECH, Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins, Dave Thomas, Charles Suitt, and Stratis Morfogen have announced that their renowned dumplings will now be available in Walmart stores across the nation.


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A Walmart Takeover

The new deal is in partnership with legendary singer Patti LaBelle and her Patti LaBelle Foods and will bring the delicacies into more than 1,000 Walmart locations.

As previously reported by AFROTECH, LaBelle’s food brand is one of Walmart’s best-selling culinary products to date.

“This collection promises to transport your taste buds to the heart of New York City’s culinary scene,” the press release states. “BCH Grocer dumplings are crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience. Each dumpling is meticulously prepared to balance flavors and textures perfectly, reflecting the brand’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.”

Created in 2019, BCH Grocer was established by Cummins, Thomas, Suitt, and Morfogen to bring the foods of Brooklyn Chop House to more people.

Partnering With Patti LaBelle

“We’re thrilled to partner with the legendary Patti LaBelle to bring the flavors of Brooklyn Chop House and BCH Grocer dumplings to homes across the nation through Walmart stores,” Brooklyn Chop House Grocer Partners stated. “These dumplings are a testament to our commitment to excellence in the culinary world.”

What’s more, the team shares that products are already selling out in some locations.

The BCH Grocer Frozen Dumplings “represent a fusion of flavors and cultures that are genuinely unique and crafted with the same dedication to quality and innovation,” the release states.

“Delicious food and cooking are two of my passions, so I’m delighted to be collaborating with Brooklyn Chop House Grocer Partners and Walmart on these incredible dumplings,” LaBelle said. “They’re not just a delicious treat but a culinary experience everyone can enjoy.”