Black women are changing the game when it comes to entrepreneurship!

When we aren’t running the show in a “traditional” career, Black women have mastered the art of the side hustle which now represents the future of business, and reiterates the importance of having the resources needed to be successful business owners.

According to PRNewswire, Boss Women Media has joined forces with Creme of Nature and the two have launched a four-week Home Hustlers: Beauty Edition Program geared toward women who aim to take their small business to the next level.

The virtual program will be held every Saturday in May and will include panel discussions led by entrepreneurs which include The Honey Pot’s Beatrice Dixon, mogul Courtney Adeleye, and boss-chick Angela Simmons.

Workshops will run for two hours touching topics like diversifying your revenue, fundraising, running an online business, scaling, and writing a business plan.

“Our mission is to create a space for Black women and empower them as leaders in communities across the country,” said Marty McDonald, Boss Women Media founder and CEO in an official press release. “We are especially proud to partner with Creme of Nature as they continue to support our vision and serve as an ally by helping women launch the businesses of their dreams, leading to long-term wealth and economic impact across the country.”

Not only will attendees learn the ins and outs of running a successful business, but the program concludes with a pitch competition and a chance for attendees to win $5,000 for their business.

“We’re excited to partner with BOSS Women Media and the launch the Home Hustlers program providing education, mentorship and financial support to beauty entrepreneurs, nationally, as they launch their businesses,” said Jolorie Williams, general manager of Revlon Multicultural and Contract Services in the statement. “Creme of Nature is a legacy brand that has dedicated over 40 years to supporting the needs of the Black community, from haircare to education and empowerment. Through our collaboration, we are committed to making an impact for the next generation of female entrepreneurs and leaders.”

For tickets and more about the Boss Women Home Hustler’s Program, click here.