Code just got a lot easier.

Social media influencer and Memphis, TN-based artist Eso Tolson talks about a very particular group of millennials he calls “The Bridge.” What’s so peculiar about this group, he describes, is their relationship with technology.

From the evolution of the internet to the progressive introduction of new technology resources that’s changed the way humans live and interact, most millennials have an experience with innovative tech that is unique and nuanced.

But behind all the technological advancements the world has seen are engineers and gurus that build out formulas and codes that make the science operational and user-friendly.

Regardless of Millennials’ relationship with technology and its progress, the magic behind most of it is the code.

In this instance, it’s not like an iPhone pin or the secure password for a smart door lock. According to Grasshopper, coding is how people translate human language and ideas to computers. A code informs a computer on what to do and how to do it, which is a vital concept in building apps and websites.

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